27 Sep 2009 | von Chris Dercon |

Template looks like the raft of Medusa by Gericault! I wonder who was or is on this raft?! Who is surviving whom and because of what?

At the same time, Template here – in difference to the Hazardous image of Template incidentally shattered by a storm during Documenta in Kassel – looks like a scene of a storm by Hokusai or even like photography in wood.

“Wind is very good in Chinese culture” says Ai Weiwei. Indeed it seems that Template here got wound down or decelerated, to form a stalled, a frozen image. Abundance and blankness are essential for Chinese aesthetics. And wind as well.




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  2. von Eremeeff 29 Sep 2009 | Antworten

    Hi, Can i get a one small pic from your blog?
    Have a nice day

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