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17 Sep 2009 | von Chris Dercon |

Ulrich wilmes, our chief curator, and I were this morning with Weiwei in the hospital in Munich. Weiwei looks great and is much relieved. The hospital personnel is amazingly willing and kind. With all the newspaper coverage they are beginning to understand what kind of fish they have in their tank. Weiwei is an easy and thankful patient, let alone his constant urge to communicate with everybody at once. Besides that Weiwei looked this morning like a beautiful, fresh, smiley Chinese fish, eyes wide open, pondering about the next move. Weiwei was also very reflective concerning the recent past. In an interview with Elena Foster, which took place last April in Madrid, Weiwei states: “i am a passionate person, so that is also why i burn my fingers so quickly. Therefore I’d rather be not that passionate. It became clear to me, recently, that this passion could destroy me or even bring me to hell”. We talked in the hospital about this and other predictions. In short, Weiwei well is.. bored. He can’t wait to get back “to work” and to attend the Oktoberfest. But those things which happened will take time…at least time to heal. And that is how it should be. As far as the exhibition is concerned, things are going well. But for the moment that all does not matter that much. One more important thing: one of his team members carries a morning soup and a light dinner into the hospital, every day – homemade Chinese cooking of course.


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  2. von Lilly 17 Sep 2009 | Antworten

    Lots of greetings to the smiley chinese fish ;-)
    Thanks for this report.
    I’m very much looking forward to seeing Ai Weiwei at the opening. Get well soon!

  3. von Diana 17 Sep 2009 | Antworten

    Dear Ai Weiwei,
    I read about your work for the first time a couple of months ago, about the investigations after the earthquake. It makes the utmost sense and touched me very deeply! Same time I was a little scared something could happen to you and was hoping that you will stay healthy and safe… Now I send you all the energetic support I can for your healing and happiness.
    With affection, thank you for everything!

  4. von migraine solution 19 Sep 2009 | Antworten

    Nice content indeed! i will visit as often as i can.


  5. von Frederika van Beilen 22 Sep 2009 | Antworten

    Dear Ai Weiwei,

    I admire your work, and your clear position in politics. Glad to hear that you are recovering well, please take care of yourself ! You’ve made your point clear, and the consequences of your actions will travel like waves in a sea and inspire others . . Thank you !

  6. von Spanking Dump 11 Okt 2009 | Antworten

    now I’ll stay tuned..

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